Flowers words and Pictures

My favourite, the Gardenia
My favourite, the Gardenia

Some of these beautiful blooms were taken in March and April, mostly outdoors.  The orchids however, were grown in a controlled

temperature within a glass house.  All were taken in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin.  I have a ponchon for the Cherry blossom, it is so delicate and feminine, pink, my favourite colour, another would be Rhodrandrums. I see beauty in all blossoms.

If I were to choose one only blossom it would have to be the Gardenia.  The heady scent of the gardenia is out of this world, no

chemist not even Chanel (I wear Chanel Gardenia Exclusiv) could replicate it, no matter how good they are.  As for the appearance, well the petals are pure white and fleshy at their best

and as it grows older the petals turn to cream, lemon and finally a butter yellow.  The gardenia is the queen of blossoms in my opinion.  "Cape Jasmin Gardenia" is the variety I find the best, a hint of vanilla, Perfection....


It is now mid april as I write and our home is surrounded by Cherry blossom, by next week the ground will be covered in "pink snow" that is a truly beautiful site, young children love to play in it, the little girls that is.  Within a day or so those beautiful pink petals turn to brown, that is when the hard work begins.


Update.. It is now November, the beautiful green leaves from the cherry trees have turned brown and are now falling to the ground. Sweep them up and add to the compost heap, we have to use these, everything has a purpose, so don't just throw them in to your bin, use them...