Moonstone Beach, Cambria, California

The photographs above were taken on a night as the sun went down.  It had an erry feeling to the evening because of the mist on the ocean, I just had to photograph it, the photos are probably as good as one would get, because thats exactly how it looked.  The

last photo is where we stayed.  The Fog Catcher Inn is a cluster of

little adjoining cottages, very quaint and certainly comfortable, we

have stayed there a few times and would certainly go back. 


If you following the road to the town of Cambria you will be very pleasantly surprised.  It is a very easy going town with beautiful shops and restaurants.  The people are really nice, one little shop

is a secondhand (as we call it in Ireland) and I rampled around it for ages.  Wish I was back there again.  The town is split in two,

upper and lower, and you will love every shop and restaurant you

visit I guarantee it.


I just remembered a few unusual places to visit.  If when you are in the town ask about the house a man made entirely of throw aways, everything in that house is a reclaimed item of one sort or another, it is really interesting and worth a visit.  The other place

to visit is Herst Castle.  This Castle and grounds are out of this

world.  You have to see it.  The people who build and designed it

were the famous newspaper family, you have to google the information, and the castle has an Italian feel to it, the swimming

pool is amazing, the total castle interior and exterior is AMAZING

perched up on a hill overlooking the ocean.


All in all I would go back to Cambria, stay in the Fog Catcher Inn

and visit the places I mentioned again, just buy me the ticket and

I will be on my way.


Worth a visit again and again.


p.s. I will upload more photos later.