Woman meeting the inner child

Child of many colour's

Come to me little one

Can't you see I love you dearly,

Do you know who I am?

You have coats of many colour's

never sure which one to wear

Hiding from the world who wants to know you

fearing they may not accept you as you are

I am you my little one

adult now but still you inside

I wear my coats of many colour's

still afraid to show my face

As a chameleon changes colour

when he thinks he needs to hide

I too am always careful

never letting anyone inside





This little poem was inspired by my own experience as a child flowing into adulthood.  Always TRYING to fit in.  I developed

a keen sense of humour to hide my true feelings, it worked most

of the time but  Inside I was and still am that little girl very afraid and never quite measuring up to what I THINK people expect of me.

Looking back, I wrote this piece in 2009, it is now 2013, I think

I am more confused now than I ever was (I smile), hope I get

it right if there is another life to follow this one, I don't know, do