San Francisco

I love this city and when I think of the name San Francisco, certain

places immediately come to mind.  One is Lombard Street.  This street is shaped like a snake a series of very tight bends decorated

on either side by neatly trimmed hedging.  Anybody who drives always wants the challenge of drivind down this steep hill, as for

the writer, I never had the urge to drive this road.


The next place I often then of is Union Square.  This square is surrounded by beautiful shops and hotels, a very large quare and

in the good weather it is a treat to sit and have lunch al fresco.  The first time we sat down to lunch many years ago, the young waiter came to our table and he was Irish.  When he heard our

accents I thought he was going to cry! poor young man.  He

had only been in the states a month and was so homesick for his

family, my heart went out to him well, I am a mother after all!

Getting back to the square.  There is a restaurant called The

Cheesecase Factory, I always thought it only sold cheesecake,

WRONG!  They have an extensive menu, with waiter service,

well worth a visit.


Just off the Square there is Lauri's Diner.  A real American Diner,

I expected Elvis to walk in any minute.  Great food, burgers etc.

I have a feeling there are a few branches, maybe a franchise, not



My favourite hotel is The Handlry, just off Union Square.  I love

it and they are so nice and welcoming, nothing you ask is too much for them.  They have a place called the Daily Grill, and

you never know who you might meet there, it's a wonderful

place to eat morning, noon or evening, however, you must book

your table, very popular place to eat.


My next favourite place brings out the child in me, it is Pier 39

I take the trolley down to the oceanside and about five minute

walk to the boardwalk.  Pier 39 is a boardwalk, with such a variety of shops and restaurants on two levels, also a childrens Carosuel,

I would say hand painted horses, the traditional carosuel you dream of.  Then of course at certain points you can see hundreds of sealions basking in the sun, they are so funny, lazy and funny! You can't help but love them even though they are very noisy.

At end end of the boardwalk you can look out to Alcatraz.  It is

a fascinating island, and definitely worth a guided tour, you won't

regret it.  Just go and let your imagination run free and wallah!

you are back in the days of Alcapone etc. I love it and so will you.


Last but not least.  If you cross the bridge to Sauceleto you will

come upon a waterway of houseboats.  You have to see these houses, two storey houses on the water, I would love to live in one they are large luxurious, only the very wealthy live there.


San Francisco is worth a visit, but don't go for the good weather,

it is very much like the Irish climate but that suits me.