Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica is one of my favourite places in California. 

We usually stay across the road from the boardwalk so an early morning walk is just beautiful.  I enjoy watching the people fishing off the end of the pier.   I remember a little Chinese woman, she was in her eighties, a wise old woman, I could see that in her eyes.  She sat there with her fishing rod waiting for

a "bite"  Every now and then she would reel in her line and replace the bait with proficiency I could tell she had done this task many times.  She was one woman amongst maybe ten seasoned fishermen.  I stood there looking down on these people, the men I noticed were very competitive, but the little woman was sitting there quietly minding her own business.  Then, suddenly she starting rolling in her line slowly, stopping, a little more eventually she landed a FISH almost her own size, if you could have seen the men's faces, what a sight!  I visited the boardwalk again recently but she was nowhere to be seen, maybe one of those big fish finally "won" hope she didn't end up his dinner.


If you happen to like shopping or like me, have a daughter who

likes her fashion, then visit third street.  Third street is a super

place to visit, during the day and late into the evening most of the shops are open.  Not only that, you will find every type of cuisine, your choice!.  In the evening the street entertainers

are first class.  Here in Ireland we would pay a lot for entertainment of the same calibre.  I particularly enjoyed the latin american dancing in the streets, any couple could join in, but the writer would sooner not get in the way of the professionals.


If you are thinking of spending time in Santa Monica, it is a good spot to stay as you are quite near to Los Angles, and can visit Hollywood and tinsel town in general which I must say my inner teenager was looking forward to..