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Bur Petals & Cherry Blossom
Bur Petals & Cherry Blossom

Nature never fails to amaze me.  Last week I happened to notice this lovely design on one of our Cherry trees.  The tree developed

burs, they have a deep shine are exceptionally hard and yet shaped like rose petals or frills.  Just below the burs there is a sign of new growth, a stem of cherry blossom. I thought it was so beautifully I had to grab my camera.

When the master carpenter was making a piece of elegant furniture  in days gone by, he would look for timber with burs, otherwise known as knots.  When the timber was cut it showed a wonderful design in the wood often used for table tops the design added extra value to the piece.  

In this picture you see, opposites, the fragility of the cherry blossom against the hardness of the bur.