Durango to Silverton, Colorado

If you like steam engines of the old variety, you will love this one.

This little narrow gage railway runs between Silverton and Durango

it is a lovely journey, but some parts would make the hair stand on the back of your neck as they say, because the train travels along a steep cliffside and it is scary.  We were fortunate to book the end

carriage which meant we had a viewing platform and we could take photographs to our hearts content.  Another plus to this trip was, each carriage had a hostess to serve us with snacks and drinks not

only that, she pointed out every photo opportunity and really knew

her business.

The carriage we were in was built in the 1890's beautiful interior

lots of sash operated windows and teak wood.  A really lovely

experience, and I will take that trip again in a heartbeat.