Tread softly on my feelings
And I'll tread softly too
For we only have those dreams
That we know will not come true
The ones of love we can't resist
That touch our heart and soul
The ones that linger and persist
To tempt our self control

Yet we know our love will never be
Not in this life time dear
We know as well that we're not free
The path for us is clear
We must go our separate ways
And the memories we will keep
Are the "what if" dreams and "might have beens"
That reality puts to sleep

And though our silent thoughts may fantasize
Of romantic bliss and more
As love may come to mesmerize
Those dreams we must ignore
So tread softly on my feelings
For soon we must let go
And the only memories we will keep
Are the dreams we'll never know



(c) R. Diem 2012